Zig Zag Quilt Pillow Adventure

I decided to sew last weekend and finish the quilt wall hanging for my daughters room and make a matching pillow. I am not an experienced quilter, I can do simple 9 -patch and log cabin - straight seams. Well I decided to try my hand at triangles, good grief. I almost hated quilting for a while. I learned a lot from this little project and think I like quilting again because I did get it to turn out, but not without a struggle. My pillow isn't perfect in any way, but it has its charm and the colors are fun and my daughter was happy, so I was too. It has given me a litle more confidence and lessons in measurement :) I think I will make another similar one next weekend and see how it goes. Working with all these fun fabrics is really fantastic, I love decorating my house with quilts and pillows and other warm, cozy things. I have a great collection of quilts from my grandmother and step-mother. They've inspired me to keep the tradition going. Lots of talent came before me.


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