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Floral Splendor, Tea Cozy and Tulip Embroidery

I've not had much luck in growing larkspur flowers and I have tried to grow them from seed many seasons and no luck, maybe my cat has something to do with it. I love them though and they are great for dried flower bouquets, keep their color nicely. I decided to put them in a cross stitch design with some roses and chamomile flowers. Chamomile is one of the easiest things for me to grow and I hear they are like weeds in other areas, but I like them. Playing with my fun and colorful patches again on tea cozies. I like the way they add little bits of color and pattern here and there. Does anyone have any tulips up yet? I see lots of daffodils, but no tulips. Our leaf buds are getting very full. We should have lots of blossoms on our trees very soon. Have a fun weekend.

Flower Cart ACEO, Pink Tulips and Funny Flowers

One of my favorite things of summer are the farmer's markets and all the beautiful fresh flowers. Last year we had a grower that grew the most glorious gladiolas and I am hoping she has some this year too. I am so anxious for fresh flowers from the garden I have been buying bouquets at the grocery store and it is nice to have a little nature in the house. This pattern works symbolically that way too! Lovely salmon pink in these flowers. And this bunch is just happy, I've named them "Funny Flowers" for their whimsical nature. Nice to have something very bright after the winter months have passed. I saw some bright yellow daffodils this morning looking lovely in the bright sun.

May Flowers, White Blossom Bookmark and Antique Cart

I was inspired to make more bookmarks this week with Mother's Day coming up. I think they make nice gifts for moms and readers. Bright and cheery, I love to make them. I am listening to Jane Erye and just on chapter five and I adore her already. For just being ten she has so much spirit and courage. Anxious to listen to more. I've made this little design into a kit with the lovely Gentle Art flosses and fabric. It would be so fun to actually have an antique cart like this in the yard filled with flowers. I have a wrought iron basket that is kind of swirly like this and I plan on putting lots of flowers in it this year so it billows with color. Tulips represent May flowers to me and the little grape hyacinths and Johnny-Jump-Ups too. All really easy to grow and no fuss, my favorite kind of flower. Lots of flowering and color for me. We've had lovely spring weather this week, hope you have too.

French Country Blue, Wildflower Patch and Pretty in Pink

I love the royal blue and sunshine yellow of french country so I decided to make a shabby patchwork bookmark out of those colors. Reminds me of summer picnics. Maybe I will make a picnic table cloth out of those colors, sounds very nice. I also just downloaded Jane Eyre on my Ipod - the reviews said the reader was fabulous, so really looking forward to listening to it. A little pink in the kitchen? I like pink anywhere in the house I think. This little teapot design was done with Weeks Dye Works in pinks that remind me of candy colors. Another quick little design using Weeks Dye Works called "Wildflower Patch". I really like purple and green together, especially the chartreuse green. I never thought I would really like chartreuse green, but it has grown on me over time. Hope you have a great weekend and there is a little sun where you are.

Antique Garden Cart Embroidery and Pincushions

Working with some more fabrics in spring shades to make little patchwork pincushions. Pincushions are very fun to collect and I have a little collection. I usually do mostly small needlework projects so I use a pincushion or needlecase to keep my needs and threads close at hand. This is the last antique garden cart in the six pattern collection. I made the first five into a wall quilt and wanted this last one as a pillow with laces and ribbons. I really like pretties and frills.

Violet Topiary and Snowdance Gerbera Daisy Note Card

My newest cross stitch design done in purples and spring green with a little soot black. I've always wanted to work with black, but haven't done much until now. Brave enough I guess, it is such a strong color. I made it into a bookmark here. I love the versatility of small designs. This was stitched with Gentle Art Sampler Flosses. It can also be framed. I like framing with fabric, brings out the floss colors and adds a neat interest to the design. This is one of my new note cards featuring a white Gerbera daisy. I have been reading Amy Stewart's "Flower Confidential". While I was designing this I was at the part where she was in Holland where they grow a lot of beautiful Gerbera daisies. She mentioned in the book that the white one is called "Snowdance" and can be easily confused with the Shasta daisy. The way she describes Holland makes me want to hop a plane and go. Flowers everywhere! What joy!