Sweet Pea Dragonfly Hand Embroidery Pattern

My new design is now available! click here to see Sweet Pea Dragonfly It is embroidered on a white and grey linen tea towel with The Gentle Art Sampler flosses.  Pretty gift for someone who loves sweet peas!
The pattern is available as a kit with a variety of photos, the towel, and two skeins of floss in Green Pasture and Red Plum. Please stop back by as I'll be posting  my new pattern for autumn soon. 

May's Bird Nest Hand Embroidery Pattern

My new hand embroidery pattern is my most adventurous project yet.  Usually I like simple outline embroidery and in this pattern I have more areas filled in and used floss blends to get even more color ranges. The pattern is designed to be as detailed as you want. The twigs can be filled in more, more French knots for the plants, and more satin stitches on the leaves.  It's a fun pattern to experiment with adding other stitches as well.  Click here for more details. 

The painting I used as inspiration for the pattern.   

Hand Embroidery Pattern Book Gift Sets

I've put together some nice gift hand embroidery sets that have a pattern book, a handmade needlecase, and four skeins of lovely hand dyed floss Click here for details

This is my kitchen towels embroidery book with a pretty rose needlecase and four skeins of hand dyed floss.  Click here for details.

This is an embroidery book filled with baby embroidery patterns that are nice if you have a little one you want to make something for. It comes with a cheerful butterfly needlecase and four skeins of hand dyed floss. Click here for details Get them while they last!

Home Decor and Market Totes with Spoonflower Fabrics

Free shipping on Spoonflower fabrics through March 8th. A great time to try their fabrics if you've been curious. They are wonderful! Click here to go to my Spoonflower shop 

The shades of purple, blue, and green in the Cranesbill Geranium prints beautifully.   Lovely home decor fabric. Click here for details on my Cranesbill Geraniums fabric

My Green Veggies fabric is fun for market totes.  Customers have made totes with this fabric using the canvas fabric. Fun to add to your shopping bag collection!   
Click here to see my Green Veggies fabric

Blackwork Embroidery and Strawberries

My new pattern kit is listed in my Etsy shop and it's called Early January. A nice black and white pattern with winter plants with interesting shapes and seed heads from an earlier season. Click here for design details

My latest sewing adventure with my Spoonflower fabrics.  Another zip pouch with my Strawberries Blue fabric

Accented with my Avocado White Check fabric
Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Red Zinnia Wildflower Clutch Purse

I bought a fat quarter of my Red Zinnia Wildflower fabric in cotton poplin ultra from Spoonflower. I found a pattern on Etsy for a clutch purse I liked.  It ended up being a very adventurous project.  I haven't sewn in a while and my left brain got a work out  with this endeavor.

It has two zippers and three pockets.  Not sure what I was thinking . . .

I really liked working with the contrasting zipper and I learned some new techniques with this pattern.  I'll pick a one zipper project next time.   

Red Zinnias Wildflower fabric

Pomegranate and Chicken Dish Towels

For a quick sewing project these dish towels from Spoonflower are fun to make.  The towels are printed on their linen cotton canvas ultra fabric and are nice and sturdy. The fabric softens after washing and has a nice crinkle look from the linen.  They get softer with each washing.

Press the towels with a hot iron and trim all the loose threads.  

Square the edges with a rotary cutter and mat.  The edges can be pretty uneven and I had to cut 1/2" off one edge to make them even.  Press the edge of the fabric in 3/8" twice.    Do this on all the sides.  Since it is a thick fabric I wanted to make mitered corners.  Here is a great how to video from creativebug on how to make them. 

After the mitered corners are finished fold the hem down where the pressing lines are and sew an edge stitch around the towel.  

Finished hem with mitered corners.    

Finished tea towels.  Here are links to the towels in my Spoonflower shop if you'd like to make either of them.  Holiday Pomegranate Sal…