Autumn Birds Hand Embroidery Pattern

Hopefully we'll be enjoying some cooler temperatures now that September is here. This is my new hand embroidery pattern inspired by autumn stitched in  bright fall colors on solid green fabric from Waverly.   I love their selection of solid fabrics in bright colors for hand embroidery. Autumn Birds Embroidery Pattern details here.

Baby Bloomers Hand Embroidery Book

My new hand embroidery book is now available!  It has lots of patterns to embroider for children.  An alphabet series to make into a quilt, a quiet book, or toys. Lots of animals from farm animals to fish.  Storybook style patterns, too.  

You can click here for details on the book. 

An example of one of the alphabet series patterns.

Octopus Hand Embroidery Pattern

My new hand embroidery pattern is available. Happy Octopus details here. This pattern will be in my new hand embroidery book that  will be published toward the end of July.   

Tiger Animal Flower Hand Embroidery Pattern

My new hand embroidery pattern set is now available in my Etsy Shop It is a set of six patterns featuring animal flowers with a tiger, bear, giraffe, hippo, lion, and monkey. Fun patterns to decorate kids rooms and quilts. Animal Flower Pattern Set details here  

Flamingo Pond Hand Embroidery Pattern

My new hand embroidery pattern Flamingo Pond is now available.   Lovely bright pink birds.  Well, depending on what they eat.  The colors of their feathers come from the pigments found  in the algae and other critters they eat.

Pansy, Cherries and Bird Needle Cases

New needle cases available in my Etsy shop. Cheerful colors for spring and nice gifts for mother's day if you know a special mother who enjoys quilting or needlework! You can click here to see more needle cases.