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Red Poppy Towel Embroidery and Alpaca Lace Scarf

I finished embroidering one of my towels last week and I loved it.  The toweling fabric is really nice to embroider on.  It is soft and has a great texture.  I have a collection of four border patterns that I will be doing.  I have a few fat quarter fabrics I am choosing from to use for a border hem.  I'm leaning toward the far left one with the dark red plaid design.  What do you think?  I finished my alpaca lace scarf last week too.  It was a fun and fairly easy pattern to do,only a few mistakes here and there:)  I made it very long so I can wrap it around a couple times when I wear it.  It is so light and airy, a pleasure to have on.     I bought a flower bowl around Easter time and it is blooming beautifully right now so I wanted to share that with you too. I am joining my fellow designers and artists in educating people on copyright infringement so I wanted to post this bright colorful notice and ask a heartfelt please to all who buy our patterns to not share

Quilted Potholders Watercolor Art Fabric

I bought a quilting pattern a while ago to make potholders/hotpads and I thought it would be great practice for quilting blocks and it was.  I used some of my Spoonflower samples to make some of them.  Spoonflower samples for all the pieces used in the one above.   This hourglass pattern stumped me a bit and I had to stay calm and get the seam ripper out :)  After looking at the design I assumed I knew what to do...I used some of my cabbage rose collection with some commercial fabrics in this one. I liked this pattern, it is very easy and I can handle the two triangle squares on two corners... I used my cabbage rose fabric collection for some of the squares in this one too.   These are all that I made.  I really liked the log cabin hotpad and used up several scraps and it turned out bright and cheerful.  There are a few more patterns in the collection I want to try.   Fun new thing for spring!

Dragonfly Embroidery Pattern and Jellyfish Fabric

I've been embroidering some dragonflies this week and am almost finished.  I'm using an indigo blue, a lighter blue, green and a little purple in them.  It is warming up so we've had ants, flies and some bees but no dragonflies yet.  Looking forward to when they come around.    I got a shipment of my Spoonflower fabric back this week and the fabrics above are some that I designed for the themed contests they have weekly.  The jellyfish  fabric turned out really nice.  This week the theme was sewing so I designed a fabric for that (the tomato pincushions and stork scissors fabric above) but the internet was down in our area this week so I didn't get a chance to put it on! A little disappointed.     I went to Reno last weekend to do some browsing and see what's new in the quilt shops and book store.  I found some great trims in bright colors and some red fabrics.  I'm planning on doing some redwork projects in the next few months.     At one quilt

Blue Flower Embroidery and May Birthday Cards

I've been sewing some of my embroidery designs into patchwork pillow covers with envelope style backs so they can easily be changed.  I bought a couple 16" pillow forms and change the covers from time to time, especially with the seasons.  I used some of my Spoonflower fabrics to finish the blue flower embroidery.  Bright and fresh for spring.   I've been working on birth month flower greeting cards for each month and since May is just around the corner I thought I would share these two.  This is my white lily card .    Lily of the Valley   is a May  birth flower too and I love their little bell shaped flowers.  Hope the weather is nice where you are and you have a great weekend!