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Burgundy Socks and Scottie Dog Embroidered Pillow

I started knitting some socks this week.  I found some lovely Lorna's Laces yarn at our local yarn shop in a burgundy that reminded me of fall leaves.  This pattern is from the Interweave book "Favorite Socks" and this is Evelyn Clark's pattern.  Really fun pattern and easy repeat to memorize.  So far so good for me on this project!    I made my scottie dog design into a pillow this week.  I had him in a frame for a while but I think he looks better in a cozy pillow.  He's off to live with someone else now and I'm a little bit sad.  I may have to embroider him again...     I've really been knitting a lot lately, probably because I'm anxious for the cooler fall temperatures and no more triple digits.  This is a really fun and easy pattern by Jared Flood off the Ravelry site.  Mine turned out a touch big so I am going to use a size smaller needle for the next one I knit, but I tend to knit loose.    I don't buy magazines much anym

Halloween Cat Quilt and Autumn Placemats

I finished some projects last weekend that have been sitting in my "to do pile" for a while.  I like to use my Spoonflower samples in functional things for my home now and then so I made some placemats with autumn colors.  Those are cherry tomatoes from my garden. My tomato plants are doing great ~ definitely a bumper crop.   I finished my Halloween design "Black Cats and Cobweb Corners".  I used Gentle Art Sampler flosses, Soot and Chives.  I liked the green and black theme.  The cobweb corners are fun to do too. I was able to find some great Halloween fabrics to make a small wall quilt.  Some from my stash that I bought last year ~ you might recognize the black cats and the Adam's family fabric (I loved the illustrations in that fabric).  This year I bought the fabrics closest to the design.  Love Halloween.    This is a project I started back in January of this year.  I bought some fat quarters from the "Secret Garden" collection 

Pink Poppy Bookmark and Embroidery Garden Journal

I did some finishing this week and made a bookmark from my little pink poppy flower design.  I ordered some new fabrics from an Etsy seller and found some fabrics I couldn't do without this weekend too, so that always prompts me to sew a little.  I used some of the vintage cotton lace I bought when we were on vacation this summer.  I use it just every now and then when I think the project is just perfect for it because I don't have very much of it.  I made my colored embroidery design into a little garden journal using a composition notebook.  This is a fun and easy way to finish needlework designs.  I used some of my Spoonflower fabric samples and then a carrot patterned fabric from the Beatrix Potter fabric collection that was released a couple years ago.  I thought it went well with the colors and garden theme.  Hope you have a great week! 

Sweet Dreams Pillow and Crayon Embroidery

This is a companion embroidery design to my Rise and Shine pattern - I put the Rise and Shine on the other side of the pillow.  I just turn it around in the morning, I'm liking it!  I used Weeks Dye Works flosses on this design too and liked working with all the lavender and blues, calming colors.    I've started a Halloween design with three black cats and corners of cobwebs.  Hopefully I will have this one done next week, autumn is fast approaching and soon big boxes of pumpkins will be for sale at the store rather than watermelons.   I found myself really enjoying coloring and started this little design with white daisies with yellow centers.  The yellow really lightens after ironing so I will color a little darker next time I try this.