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Vintage Workbaskets and Small Purses

We took a daytrip to visit several antique shops last weekend and I found a few books (I like to collect older books and found a great Alfred Hitchcock story collection) and these neat 1950s Workbasket magazines.  I like older magazines that have the hand drawn ads and illustrations.  Reminds me of Darrin Stephens in Betwitched hand drawing his ad campaigns.  Did you watch that show?  I still love it.    I've been making purses lately and made a few Princess Purses  with this pattern from Moda Bakeshop.  It is so cute and very easy!  Cute for little girls.   I've also made a selection of frame purses for our Christmas Craft show using frames from WhileBabyNaps   they have great directions and supplies.  I love making them.  At first I was a little nervous putting the frames on but they get easier the more you make.    I like making them in different sizes, patterns and colors.  I think I may need to keep one but haven't decided which one yet.   Wishing you

2012 Fall Festival and Needlework Show

I belong to a group of artists and crafters called "The Sagebrush Sisters" and we have festivals every holiday season.  One in the fall and one at Christmas.   Our fall festival was last weekend and was really fun and I think everyone had a great time. We live in a small town so lots of people know each other and one of my favorite things about the show is how people come together after they haven't seen each other in a while, have some hot cider, a cookie or two and catch up.  Fun to see.    This was the first year we had the festival at Workman Farms, one of our local quilt shops/farmer's market.  They had it decorated so nice with lots of pumpkins, gourds, squash, corn stalks, flowers and more.      Lots of creative things for sale.  This picture shows a couple of my favorite items, the witch's hat and boots.  Reallyneat. Glass art and metal work, pottery, woodwork and lots of different things.  It was really fun. AND... today is t

Christmas Birds and Log Cabin Needlecases

My new Christmas cross stitch design!  I finished it this week with French General fabrics and some vintage lace on the end.  I made a pillowcase for the inside which adds more color to the overall project too.  This design will be released during the online Needlework Show that begins next Thursday on the 18th.  Hope you'll stop by!      I worked with two by two squares on the sides and I really liked doing that.  Starting to get a little more brave with my fabric piecing :) I don't like throwing fabric away so I save very  small pieces and have a drawer full now.  I dumped it out on my floor and color coordinated some of the pieces to make some needlecases in a log cabin style patchwork.  Really fun!   

Pumpkin Place and Christmas Dress

I'm getting my booth ready for the online needlework show beginning on the 18th.  Here are a couple of the patterns I will have in my booth.  Pumpkin Place is above.  A row of pumpkins in different shades of orange among fall leaves.  I made the model into a long pillow to decorate for autumn.      And Christmas Dress with a row of gifts and a holiday ribbon garland for the holidays. I am almost finished with another cross stitch pattern for the Christmas season and I'll have that one in the show too.  I heard back from Moda Bakeshop on my snowman project and they are going to put it on their site November 17th, very excited!  I'll put a link here so you can easily find it if you want to.