French Country Colors

Very excited with this new quilted needlecase. I am starting to become inspired by brighter colors (i am definitely a pastel girl by nature). These colors just make me happy though and I want to try more. There are so many neat color combinations out there and fat quarters galore to choose from. I got my Beatrix Potter fabric yesterday and have been inspired by sheep. I love sheep and used to have a few of my own, funny experience. They are funny characters, and so was I since I didn't have too much experience with them. Anyway I have always loved sheep, especially the lambs. I think I will do an embroidery set for kids featuring lambs and sheep and a few flowers here and there - my other favorite. My local flower nursery is starting to get all kinds of neat things in and I have to discipline myself to stay away and not go everyday since we have to buy things to eat, fuel that is priced like gold, and other necessities too... Last weekend I did get a few flowers (just had to) and a really neat wrought iron basket that I want to fill with flowers. There is a class to learn how to fill it up to where it looks really beautiful.


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