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New Hand Embroidery Pattern Books

I've revised and updated my hand embroidery pattern books.  

I've left the back page blank on each pattern for easier transfer  and to have the option of coloring it as well.     

New title and more a lot more patterns with holiday patterns included.

It's easy to transfer the patterns by laying the fabric right on the page or you can use transfer paper to trace the pattern.   You can find the books in my Etsy Shop.     

Cottage Houses, Bunnies and Stripes

Spoonflower has a sister site called Roostery that uses their fabrics to make wonderful home decor items!   I have my cottage houses on a set of their placemats.  You can click here to see the cottage placemats.  
And pillows. This would be cute in a little girl's room. You can click here to see the Bunny Flowers Pillow.
A horizontal stripe pillow for home decor with hand painted pastel stripes. You can click here to see the Pastel Stripes Pillow.
A fun site to visit for modern home decor!

Snowman Watercolor Christmas Fabric

New for this week is my Snowman fabric painted with watercolor in   soft shades of red, pink, blue and green accented with holly.   Great for crafts and home decor for the holiday season. Click here for details of Christmas Snowman Fabric 
Stationery if you like to write holiday letters or  like to use special papers in your journal occasionally. Click here for snowman stationery details.
Holiday tissue paper for gift wrapping.  This would be pretty in a gift bag! Click here for snowman tissue paper details. 

A mug for the holidays.  You can put some nice chocolates inside and it makes a very nice gift for co-workers and gift exchanges! Click here for Watercolor Snowman Mug

Also, don't miss my free autumn pumpkins bookmark to color available on my illustration blog. Click here for free autumn pumpkins bookmark 

Rose Bouquets Watercolor Fabric

My fabric this week is Rose Bouquets.   A cheerful fabric that would be cute as curtains or other home decor. Rose Bouquets fabric details here.
A cute luggage tag to help you find your bag on the carousel at the airport. Rose Bouquet Luggage Tag details here.

These zippered clutches are also nice for travel and gifts. Fun to fill with a few little items and gift as a birthday gift! Rose Bouquet zip pouch details here.
An inspiring tote bag to carry things with you as you go about your day and also a nice gift.  Great for inspiration groups! Rose Bouquet tote bag details here.

Blue Tulips Watercolor Fabric

This week's fabric is bright blue and yellow watercolor tulips. You can click here to see Tulips in Royal Blue and Yellow
 The pattern made a cheerful tote bag.   You can click here for details. 
And a travel accessory bag to go inside the tote! You can click here for details
A nice fleece blanket for the colder months approaching and nice gift for the holidays. You can click here for details. 

Seashells Watercolor Fabric and Other Things

New this week is my Sea Shells fabric sketched with ink and watercolor. You can click here for details.  
A nice kitchen towel if you like a seashore theme decor or nice for the beach house! You can click here for details.

And fun flipflops for summertime. You can click here for details. 

These shower curtains are the best.  Nice big all over print and great colors. You can click here for details. Please visit my drawing blog for my latest illustration news. 

Farmers Market Apples Fabric

This week are fresh apples inspired by the farmers market painted in watercolor. Gala apples, Red delicious and Granny Smith. You can click here to see the Fresh Apples fabric  

I put the Fresh Apples pattern on pillows in my Zazzle shop. You can click here to see the Apple Pillow 
And a tote bag that would be great to take to farmers markets,  to carry a craft project or your daily essentials.  You can click here to see the Apple Tote Bag 

Saguaro Cactus Fabric in Watercolor

My new fabric for the week is a Saguaro Cactus print painted with watercolor with a fun  watercolor spatter background.   You can click here for details on the Saguaro Fabric

In my Zazzle shop, I put the design on several items. Click here for the Saguaro tote bag
A fun bandana!   Click here to see the Saguaro Bandana

These pillows are now made with outdoor fabric too.  Great patio pillows. Click here to see the Saguaro Pillow

Pineapple and Periwinkle Lace Fabrics

This week I have my pineapples fabric available in my Spoonflower Shop.  It has a nice variety of blues and greens with a touch of purple here and there.  I  left it a large repeat so it'll be great for home decor and the wall paper looks fun, too. You can click here to see my Pineapples in Blue fabric.

I painted this lace design to make a fabric in honor of National Lace Day.  There are  unusual National holidays that we are making cards for on Greeting Card Universe. I thought the pattern would work nicely for fabric, too.  The variety of blues and purples print nicely.  You can click here to see my Periwinkle Lace fabric.  

This is the card for National Holiday Lace Day. You can click here to see the Lace Day Greeting Card 

Bunny Rabbits and Pink Flowers Fabric

This is a set of coordinating fabrics cute for kids rooms.  Nice warm pink, yellow and green with a soft orange watercolor spatter background.    You can click here to visit my Spoonflower shop

New fabric samples arrived from Spoonflower.  My Bunny Flowers fabric has folk art style rabbits in golden brown shades with bright pink five petal flowers, leaves and a spatter background painted with watercolor.  You can click here to find my Bunny Flowers fabric in my Spoonflower shop

Pink Flowers and Dots accent fabric to my fabric above.  It would make a cute dress, too.

Flower Stripe fabric is another accent fabric.  It would make cute clothing or room decor.   

Green Tea Embroidery and BOGO Sale

Beautiful embroidery work by Regina of my Green Tea embroidery design.  She used crayon on the fabric and chose lovely fabrics to make a runner.  Inspiring!  You can find the Green Tea Embroidery Pattern here.
Also Spoonflower is having a BOGO sale today, buy one fat quarter and get one free!  Great way to try out their wonderful fabrics. you can see my fabrics here Country Garden Spoonflower Shop
Happy Independence Day 2016!!!!

Organic Cotton Sateen Fabric Sale

Nice sale on cotton sateen this weekend!
Just enter code SATEEN25 in the bottom-right of your cart under "Delivery Options, Promo and Credits" during checkout.*
Country Garden Spoonflower Shop

Winter Botanical Hand Embroidery Pattern

I've finished my Winter Botanicals design on a natural linen tea towel.  I used hand dyed cotton floss from The Gentle Art in Oatmeal which has a nice range of white shades that go nicely with the colors in the towel.

I used my lightbox and #02 Micron pen to transfer the pattern.  The pattern shows through to the towel fabric nicely using a lightbox.  There are a variety of stitches for the plants that add interest to the design.  Lots of lazy daisy stitches, one of my favorite stitches. You can click here to get the Winter Botanical embroidery pattern in my Etsy shop.  

FREE fabric swatch on Spoonflower!

This is a great way to try out some fabric from Spoonflower!  Free swatches for 24 hours!  Their fabrics are fabulous and print beautifully.  You can click here to visit my Spoonflower Shop 

Easter Rabbit Hand Embroidery Pattern

Thinking of Easter I painted some white rabbits and chickadees this week for greeting cards and a different type of embroidery pattern than what I've done before.   

I made the initial drawing into a pattern and it will work as a coloring page too.  There seems to be coloring pages all over now.  Coloring books for adults.  I love them.  Great for relaxation and a meditative experience.   More information on the  White Rabbit Embroidery pattern here. 

Winter Botanicals Hand Embroidery Pattern

I took a bit of a break from designing embroidery over the holidays.  I hope your holidays were good.  I've been inspired by winter plants and natural linen tea towels.  A light box is definitely nice for transferring the pattern to natural linen tea towels since the fabric is a little thicker than the white linen.  It's a fun pattern with lots of lazy daisies (one of my favorite stitches) and the white oatmeal colored floss from The Gentle Art looks great on the linen.