Spring weather hiking and creek painting

We went out for a bit on Sunday even though it was much colder, no shorts - got the turtle necks out again. We found a new ghost town we haven't been to. Really neat old rock structures that still have a few walls intact. A small creek was running and I found a quiet spot in the willows near a little waterfall to sit down and paint. The sun was warm and the trees protected me from the wind. Lots of rocks, but no sign of rattlesnakes yet. We were out by a bird conservation area too and there were lots of geese, egrets, ducks and others that I couldn't see but I heard them. Really neat black crane type birds too, lots of them. A little family of geese that liked the quiet canal along the road rather than the busy marshland area. I'd never seen goslings except in storybooks so I was very excited with this discovery. My needlework is coming along and for those of you who visited my web site for the online Needlework Show my "Moonlight Garden" is almost finished and will be released fairly soon!
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