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Country Garden Cart Embroidery Quilt

I am very excited! I finished my wall quilt this past weekend and it is hanging in my hallway. I kind of designed it as I went using fabrics I found on a weekend trip to Idaho. I had a great time browsing the quilting shops. They are one of my favorite kinds of shops to visit, so cozy with all the fabric and color. Lots of rain for Memorial Day and is still raining, my flowers are very happy now. Much better than last weekend with temperatures way too hot for this time of year! Going to start on my autumn pumpkins now I think. I really like this quilting

IF Worry

It has been awhile since I've participated with Illustration Friday. I've been drawing plenty, just not posting. I took a great life drawing class and learned so much, but now that it is over I find myself with more time. Thinking of a class for fall, but haven't decided yet. It is really neat how classes can change perspective and lead into new directions, very healthy. Happy Memorial Day to all and enjoy the long weekend.

Tea Party, Moonlight Garden Cross Stitch, Gardens

Red and pink zinnias, purple daisies, pink snapdragons, purple pansies and varigated alyssum make up my flower gardens this year. Nice healthy plants, but the heat this weekend is really making them struggle to smile. Some of them really look droopy, but it could be my cat laying on them or worse... Good thing he's a cute cat. I finished my "Moonlight Garden" cross stitch with quilting fabric. I tried to use fabrics that coordinated with my design and found a blue print with stars. Quilting fabrics are so wonderful right now and the stores are so wonderfully cozy and welcoming to shop in. I have a surplus of really cute quilting fabrics so now I need designs to go with them. Planning a larger quilt for my daughter using some charm squares - don't want anything too challenging... Pictures from our annual tea party are inspiration for new designs and drawings. Lots of beautiful teapots, glistening china and silver with pale lacy flowers - wonderful.

Quilted Needlework, Needlework Mysteries, Moonlight Garden

A weekend spent in the garden and at the local nursery was very nice. I planted more flowers and have a purple and pink theme going with splashes of red and orange with a yellow columbine. Right outside my bedroom window I have a small flower garden around a flowering plum tree. It is getting warm enough outside now we leave our window open at night. I planted purple varigated alyssum around the outer border and bright pink petunias in the middle. The quiet breeze at bedtime brings in the wonderful fragrance of the petunias and it is heavenly. I haven't had a garden so close to my bedroom before and I love it! At the Flower Tree Nursery there was a wine tasting, all kinds of drawings to enter, classes to attend and flowers to browse. I tasted a white riesling wine from a local nursery and a port which I've never tried before - didn't like it at all so really glad I had never bought any! I tasted a fantastic blend of zinfandel, merlot and cabernet and it was by far my favori