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Butterfly Tea Towel and Patchwork Placemat

  I completed a little embroidery project this week.  We took a few days off with the kids over spring break and it's taken me a few more days to get back into routine :)  I like the filet crochet border on these tea towels.  Nice spring towel.    Today I was inspired to dump out my box of fabric scraps and make something bright and sunny for the dining room table.  I love my fabric scraps.      I've been enjoying spring green lately so found as many spring greens as I could along with some pink, blue and yellow.  I have a subtle pattern of pink squares in a zig zag type pattern.  Don't know if it stands out to anyone else or not.  Kind of tinkering with patchwork design.       I just started sewing the pieces together with no plan and no size in mind.  I ended up with a placemat size piece that will look nice in the center of my table so I'm happy.  I don't have enough of these fabrics to make four placemats (wish I did), but I think I

Nine Patch Needlebook Photography

  Last weekend I got out my scrap drawer and made several nine patch needlebooks for my Etsy shop and also to practice taking photos in natural light.       I finally had some sunlight on Monday to work with and set up near a bright window in my dining room in the afternoon.  They say it takes practice to take photos you're happy with and now I know what they mean.  I took over 100 photos with my little point and shoot camera in both natural light and the dining room light.  I really like the natural light since it doesn't have the yellowish cast on the photos.      And my favorite light of all so far, outdoors on a sunny day in the shade.  The colors really look nice and bright.  I liked the colors of the leaves too.  Mixed with the fabrics in the first needlebook nicely.   Hope you have a good weekend! 

Needlework Photography and Vintage Tea Towels

  I've been taking a photography class from the Great Courses to improve my skills taking photographs of my needlework.  Above is a Mirabilia pattern I stitched years ago.   I've been excited to go to the store lately (not one of my favorite chores) to see if there are any flowers for sale and this week there were some bundles of wildflowers that I used in my photos this week.                                                                                     I got out my collection of vintage tea towels I've been collecting for a while and photographed those in various ways and in color groups, in different light, with and without flowers.       I was glad there was finally some sun on Saturday so I could set up near a window for natural light.    These are some of my favorite tea towels I have with the little applique flowers.  Such tiny stitching around the applique pieces.  I like the colored borders at the bottom too.  Hope you have a great