Rise and Shine Hand Embroidery Pillow

This week I finished my "Rise and Shine" embroidery pattern that has a very bright theme, some orange butterflies and a few wildflowers.  I'm making a set with "Sweet Dreams" to go with it.   

After finishing the pillow i wanted to do the crochet border around the edge.  I found a great pattern for it on the You Go Girl blog.  I've seen it on so many pillowcases lately and it turns out really cute!  First I did a blanket stitch around the edge.  

I hemmed the edge of the pillow fabric first and used a large needle with "Comfy" fingering yarn from Knit Picks in Sea Foam.  It is a little heavier than crochet cotton and I liked the softness of it.   

Single crochet in the blanket stitch around.  I made a change here from her directions.  I only put two single crochet stitches in each blanket stitch because it was starting to ruffle a bit and I didn't want that.

Five double crochets in a single crochet for the shell stitch.  Very easy and it works up so quickly.  I think I'll make some pillow shams for my bed.  Always good to have some new home decor now and then.     

The finished border.  It's a bright happy pillow.  I put the "Sweet Dreams" pattern on the other side for a reversible pillow.  I'll show you that side next week. 

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