Lake Painting, Alchemist, Garden Cart Embroidery and such

I painted a lot at the lake last weekend. I love the sounds of the water and the warm sun. My daughter wanted me to sketch and paint her playing in the water. Immediately I think I can't do it, but she goes out there and I begin. I begin to draw and it looks like nothing, not even close to her. Pretty soon my sketchy marks take a shape that starts to resemble her and I have more confidence in myself. In black and white it still doesn't resemble her much, but after I add the paint and it brings life to her skin, clothes, hair, and surroundings I was surprised with it - so was she I think. Funny. I have also been busy with my new set of embroidery patterns. They are very fun and will be quick to embroider. I love working on the quilting fabric, much more interesting than muslin. I am very excited to sew this together in a wall quilt. My walls are much too white right now. I have ideas of painting my walls here and there. Not a mural - too much for me, but little flowers here and there. What would I do without flowers? BOOK LIST OF LATE -- have you read "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen or "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho or "French Women Don't Get Fat"? All three are wonderful in their own ways. I love elephants and Sara's book is wonderful. Also if you like elephants - they paint- and you can see for yourself on "You Tube" . I learned about this in my drawing class. We watched it and it was amazing. If you search "elephant painting" on You Tube you should find it. Really neat. The Alchemist is wonderful for spirit and French Women is just fun for learning how French women enjoy life. That is why I read it. I want to enjoy life all the time and I discovered wonderful things about chocolate - my son and I love chocolate.
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