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Purple Bells, Blue Spires, and Mauve Roses

Here are all of my new creations. Technical difficulties on my post before. I think I really like these colors.

Mauve Roses Greeting Card

I've been adding new watercolor paintings to my card shop. I let myself just play with color and shape and found it very relaxing. Nice to loosen up and not worry about what it may look like. Play like kids do. Have had to think of my own flowers now that it is too cold for them to grow here. Have had some rain, but it has been freezing at night and all my flowers are now gone. Until next year... Oh and Happy Halloween!

illustration friday - "Trick of Treat"

These two little kids remind me of my own when they were young and loved to trick or treat. However, we never did see any really scary houses that we had to think twice about approaching so I thought I would draw some. Happy Halloween~

Autumn and Things in Moleskine

Taking my moleskine out and about to record the changing leaves and such. Exploring ideas and nature helps to get things flowing. Contemplation at the end of the day with a walk is always good. Love the colors of hot air balloons and the feeling of freedom watching them float through the sky.

Illustration Friday - Grow

Thinking of how kids like to measure how much they've grown. A tall sunflower would be great to measure up against, especially if there is a sunflower house close by. I've always wanted to grow a sunflower house. Sounds like a great place to escape to.

Illustration Friday - Extremes

I had to think all day about this illustration, didn't come easy to me. Until...I was working on another project and the concept of light and dark extremes came to me. And since I love to draw and paint flowers, this is what I came up with.

"Progression of the Rose" Illustration Friday - Open

I wanted to depict the study of the rose from the closed bud to its fullest "open" point with this week's topic. I think it is fun to do studies of flowers in their different stages. The rose is one of the flowers that has quite a long growing phase from the time the bud appears to the time the rose is at its fullest. Have fun with the contest for this week's entry, I did.