Garden Embroidery and Quilting

I've been inspired to begin a new set of embroidery patterns. A lot of whimsy, smaller in scale, following my garden theme, but a few more in another wall quilt. I am excited about the colors I've picked and fabrics I am going to use. Those bali fabrics with leaves and other nature images in them are fantastic. I am going to mix one I have with some florals to see what I come up with. I am still going to stay safe and use squares as I did in my daughter's quilt I finished. A heart pattern came out of the dark squares I used, which I didn't plan - just happened. Serendipity, love when that happens. I am pleased with how it turned out and it adds so much color to her room. I'd like to make more pillows for her room. No sewing last weekend, we went to the lake and spent lazy days by the water. Was wonderful on Saturday, but nearly were blown away on Sunday. Enjoyed it anyway and the wind helps to clear the mind and get the ideas flowing. I am almost finished with my drawing class. I think it has helped me to move into new directions and I feel good about that. I do enjoy drawing and painting on a small scale and usually outside, but there is nothing quite like working with textiles for me. I love fabric, threads, and all the colors they come in. I love to be surrounded by color.
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