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Shaker House Cross Stitch, Potholders and Lace

I finished my little shaker house cross stitch pattern.  I decided to add to my collection and made a little pillow with hand dyed wool and a piece of vintage lace.   I've been in sewing mode and made a few p atchwork quilted potholders using some of my Spoonflower fabrics.  I wanted some bright and fresh colors so used whites and blues.      We spent a few days in the bay area and I found a neat little shop called "Nancy's Attic" and she had some vintage things.  I found some cotton lace wrapped around tags of old photos.  I also found a hand painted note card of the beach.    This is part of a new embroidery set I'm working on made with bright and cheery colors.  

Free Cross Stitch Pattern, Tulips and Home

I finished my free pattern for Wichelt Imports this week and it should be up on their site fairly soon under their free graph link.  Hope you'll stop by and get it!  I'm making a little progress on my tulip pattern.  I'm really enjoying the colors. I've been spending most of my time on this project.  I haven't stitched a little house in a while and they are one of my favorite things to stitch!  I plan on finishing this one into a little pillow with hand dyed wool to go with my little pillow collection.     

Redwork Embroidery Kitchen Towels

I put the fabric borders on my kitchen towels yesterday.  I loved working on the toweling yardage.  The quilt shop I bought it from had a few other towels with different patterns along the sides so I think I need to try those next and maybe with a crochet border on each end rather than fabric.      Poppies are one of my favorite flowers and are so easy for me to grow.  I thought the pattern would look good on a pillowcase too.  I might try that.     We have a lot of cattails growing along the canal banks where I live so I like to draw them.  Right now they are just fuzzy seedheads and I love to watch the soft seeds fly away.  Like dandelions, but a lot more seeds.  We have lots of birds around here too.  Jet blackbirds with bright yellow marks on their chests and some with orange-red marks.  Lots of robins, doves, and funny quail mates that try to run across the road at the wrong time.  So they all inspired my birdhouses in this one. I grew up on a farm so I love