Valentine Table Mat, Rose Bouquet and Tiny Charm Squares

After looking at the huge pile of snow in my front yard this morning and as the sun started to become brighter I was inspired to paint some roses. I used a very deep sanguine red, which is a color full of emotion I think. From Victorian times, in the language of flowers, the deep red roses represent bashful shame. I love studying the meaning of flowers.

I treated myself to a shopping trip to our local quilt shop and found some new fabrics. I was wanting to make something Sunday, but didn't want to follow a pattern so I just starting putting things together and this is what I came up with for Valentine's Day. I've never quite been inspired by Valentine's Day like this before. My house ought to look very interesting.

These are some of the treasures I found at the quilt shop. A charm pack called "Sultry" and two tiny charm packs called "Frolic" and "Whimsy" that are so tiny. I made myself buy something other than pink, I always buy pink.


Tammy said…
Adorable artwork--and luscious quilt project! It's finished so beautifully!

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