Sweetheart Rose Placemats and other sewing projects

I went internet shopping last week for fabric and bought a couple patterns too so I've been inspired to sew. It is cold and cloudy outside again so might as well pretty up the house... I had a great collection of pink rose fabrics so I made some placemats for our table to go with all the other Valentine colored things I've made this month. The green strip is one of my new fabrics, all the others were from my collection. I really like the comfort of internet shopping...

My bedroom needed a little new splash of color and I really stepped out of my comfortable pink habit and used these colors, maybe cabin colors? Now just need a cabin...wouldn't that be fun? The other side has a spring green fabric where the brown floral is and I can switch sometimes. Like that.

My daughter gets inspired to sew now and then and she is really likes french so she embroidered this phrase which means "love my life" and made a patchwork pillow.

I played around with my collection of Amy Butler fabrics and made a runner. These really brighten the house. It was sunny yesterday and we were outside. It seemed like spring weather and it was only 45 degrees, kids were outside in short sleeves. Funny how that is.

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