SHYO, In Circles and a new shabby book

This little circles flower design reminds me of Valentine's Day too so I wanted to put it out and add a little more color to my house during these very foggy and cold days. Feels like we are in a Sherlock Holmes setting in London with all the fog and damp. BTW the new Sherlock Holmes movie was very good, except I didn't like the way they portrayed him as a reclusive slob when not doing a case, I've never gotten that feeling about him in the Sherlock Holmes stories I've read. Great special effects anyway.

And while we were in the city we visited an antique shop that has a great selection of books. I found another Rachel Ashwell book to add to my collection and I think this is my favorite of all I have. It is the "Treasure Hunting and Decorating Guide" and I love it. I love the illustrations, the tips and the photos. OH, I am very excited to have been invited to be involved in the "Stitch Your Heart Out" SYHO campaign. Have you heard of it? Learn more here... Happily I just finished my little design and it will be featured with twelve other designs at the Nashville Market. Each month of 2010 a one of the designs will be featured beginning with February and that design is from Glendon Place and is very cute, watch for it at your LNS. Stay warm!


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