Birdhouse Towel Embroidery and Tulips

I finished my birdhouse embroidery pattern this week.  This is the last of the four patterns in this set so I plan on sewing the fabric borders next week.  All my fabric is put away right now because I needed to clean my studio corner of the house.  My son graduates tomorrow and we will be having family visit so had to tidy up a bit :)  I miss my little messy corner with fabric pieces and threads here and there.  It will be back to normal soon.
I started my new tulip pattern.  This is the last one in a set of six tulip themed embroidery patterns.  I chose a very pink colorway and have some pink and lavender charm squares I plan on using to make something.  Not sure what yet.  

I was out at the lake last weekend and thought the clouds were great.  I love big fluffy white clouds, cumulus ? I think, and it was very warm.  Nice day to be out.  
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