Wildflower Cross Stitch and Green Tea Embroidery

I finished my wildflower sketch cross stitch pattern today and really like the all black on grey colorway.  I'll have it ready for the online needlework show in April.    

I found some really nice wool fabrics on Etsy to finish some of my cross stitch designs.  I am going to use either the red or the dark brown to finish the wildflower cross stitch above. I wanted something different and the wools are so nice.   

My green tea embroidery is a work in progress.  It is a big design so I decided to take a break from it, but it is coming along and will be done by the online Needlework Show in April.  I haven't decided how to finish it yet.  I think it would make a nice big pillow and I have some green fabrics I think would match.

I bought some lace yarns from Knit Picks and they are wonderful.  The lavender purple yarn on the right is an alpaca blend and it is heavenly.  I'm going to knit a lace scarf I think, an easy one as I'm pretty new to lace knitting.  I usually knit socks.      

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