Valentine Cross Stitch Patterns

I've been getting my Valentine cross stitch patterns out recently. It is one of my favorite holidays next to Halloween (complete opposite holidays - is that strange?) I think it is because I like pink and I love pumpkins - pink and orange are of the same color family so that makes some sense. I finally learned how to do hyperlinks (finally) so I am trying them out today. I am almost finished stocking my Artfire store. It will be nice because all of my patterns will be on there all the time.

This is one of my favorite Valentine cross stitch designs because it is a swirly and carefree design the colors can be easily changed. I think I will stitch it again in different colors for a different season. I have a few Valentine patterns in my Etsy store too.


divapixie said…
Absolutely lovely work displayed here. I like it!

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