French Knots and Ellie Cat

I've been working on French knots today on a new pattern I designed. I found it to be easier if I skip a thread when going back through the knot rather than going through the same hole. Keeps it nice and secure. I really like making French knots.

I've added a new little pair of embroidery scissors to my collection. I love little things and embroidery scissors are one of them. I also collect little books, like those little season books Mary Engelbreit used to publish... love those. The new pair is the black and white stork scissors on top. Cute. I really like how the little screw looks like the stork's eye.

I got busy designing a new pattern today and selected some very warm colors from my Gentle Art floss collection. It is going to be a primitive design so I wanted muted warm colors. It is called "Ellie Cat".

And I'm thinking of following the new fad I've noticed on Etsy of framing the finished design in a wooden embroidery hoop. The needlework projects I've seen done this way look very cute.

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