Artfire, Ellie Cat Progress, and Basket Lirine

I've been setting up shop at Artfire. It is an online marketplace a lot like Etsy, but you don't need to be a member to purchase items from there which makes it really nice. I have been putting my needlework patterns in my store the last few days and getting to know the site and learn about it. I almost have all of my Valentine related designs on there. Very excited about it! If you have a minute please stop by and I'd love to know how you like it.

This is Ellie Cat that I talked about last post. I've almost completed her, just a little more color and her whiskers. I made her a calico cat. I've never had a calico cat, but I'd like to someday. She'll do for now. She will be sitting in the garden when I finish stitching the pattern.

A few weeks ago I talked about stitching on some linen cloths I bought and this is the first one I've designed on the linen cloths. I love this cloth. I really like linen. An easy pattern that can be done quick. It was very fun and I used Weeks Dye Works flosses.

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