Dress Form Cross Stitch and Studio Glimpse

I finished my little cross stitch dress form pattern. I used thin 1" strips of fabric to frame it and make a little wall banner out of it. It has little black ribbons on top to tie in a bow and hang. I have been wanting to use additional stitches in my cross stitch designs for more variety and interest - especially French knots. I love French knots. I used to use a lot of beads, but find I just like working with the floss - a textile thing I guess. This little pattern will be released tomorrow in my Artfire and Etsy shops. New for February!

I thought I'd share some glimpses of my studio corner with you. I don't have a studio currently so I use a corner of our living room, which is good size, and I don't interfere with anything. It is bright with sunlight in the afternoon and I have all my inspiring books there. I have a little narrow book shelf to put my things on. I always have a designing journal/sketchbook going to play around in.

I love magazines and will keep them for a while. Then I will tear them up. Well tear pages out that I like and get rid of the rest (cutting and tearing is fun for me too). I've done this for years so I have a neat collection from old Victoria and Country Living magazines. The print and the pictures looks very different and I like that. I am almost finished with my other new pattern, Ellie Cat, who is down in the bottom of the photo. She will be ready in February too.


I LOVE your mannequin! Just beautiful!!

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