Halloween Pumpkin Embroidery and Christmas Gifts

This is one of my favorite fabrics I've come across in a long time. Reminds me of the Adam's family. The black cats are so cute and the different characters. I tried to place the characters so it seemed they were looking at you from different places, peeking eyes everywhere. I put a little embroidered black pumpkin at the top too, on pink. I really liked the small bits of pink in the fabric too.

I decided to finish my Christmas embroidery patterns I stitched last year. I had some bright colors of fabric that matched the colors in the hand dyed floss. Not the usual Christmas colors, but I thought it worked just fine. A little different.

The batik fabric really picked up the orange, pink, red and gold in the floss. It is starting to cool down a lot outside and it makes me want to surround myself in colorful fabrics and make things.

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