Orange Pansies, Vintage Linens and Sheep

I have been very drawn to orange lately and saw these bright orange pansies at the nursery over the weekend and got them for my little planter. I planted them with tiny royal purple petunia type flowers that are supposed to spread and bloom beautifully, I will let you know how they do...

Driving downtown yesterday we happened upon a flea market by chance (I love when that happens :) and I found this hand embroidered kitchen dishcloth. Again, I really liked the orange and I always like pink. It is now hanging on my stove handle and I am inspired to embroider some towels myself, but I think I would like to try some linen towels. I love linen.

I have a little country embroidery pattern set I am working on. I just finished the sheep last night while watching the last episode of Survivor and being thankful Russel did not win. Anyway, one more in this set which is a little cottage. I am planning on putting red fabrics with these designs, I've used a lot of little red flowers in the pattern.


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