Cupcakes, Dianthus Flowers and Pumpkin Cross Stitch

Does you have a bake shop where you live? I don't, but think it would be heavenly. A shop dedicated just to sweet treats and maybe coffee and bistro tables to sit for a bit. Cute displays and dishes of truffles and other colorfully wrapped candies. Inches high icing on the cupcakes... that was the idea I had when designing this pattern. Makes my mouth water.

I am very excited with my dianthus. I planted several dianthus flowers a few years ago and they come back every year bigger, fuller and bursting with flowers in the spring and they last a very long time too. I have lots of pink, one white and a red. I like their independence and no fuss manner, just give them room and they will grow.

I wanted to give you a little preview of one of my Halloween/Autumn designs. I wanted to do black pumpkins, I thought it would look interesting so we will see. I love Weeks Dye Works flosses. I did get some samplings of Valdini flosses the other day in autumn colors and have a design planned for them too, anxious to try them.


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