Nine Patch Needlebook Photography

Last weekend I got out my scrap drawer and made several nine patch needlebooks for my Etsy shop and also to practice taking photos in natural light.    

I finally had some sunlight on Monday to work with and set up near a bright window in my dining room in the afternoon.  They say it takes practice to take photos you're happy with and now I know what they mean.  I took over 100 photos with my little point and shoot camera in both natural light and the dining room light.  I really like the natural light since it doesn't have the yellowish cast on the photos.   

And my favorite light of all so far, outdoors on a sunny day in the shade.  The colors really look nice and bright.  I liked the colors of the leaves too.  Mixed with the fabrics in the first needlebook nicely.   Hope you have a good weekend! 

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