Butterfly Tea Towel and Patchwork Placemat

I completed a little embroidery project this week.  We took a few days off with the kids over spring break and it's taken me a few more days to get back into routine :)  I like the filet crochet border on these tea towels.  Nice spring towel. 

Today I was inspired to dump out my box of fabric scraps and make something bright and sunny for the dining room table.  I love my fabric scraps.   

I've been enjoying spring green lately so found as many spring greens as I could along with some pink, blue and yellow.  I have a subtle pattern of pink squares in a zig zag type pattern.  Don't know if it stands out to anyone else or not.  Kind of tinkering with patchwork design.  
I just started sewing the pieces together with no plan and no size in mind.  I ended up with a placemat size piece that will look nice in the center of my table so I'm happy.  I don't have enough of these fabrics to make four placemats (wish I did), but I think I'll make a set with some different fabrics.  I like the patchwork placemat look.  Have a nice weekend!    

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