May Lily, Vintage Tea Towels and a Craft Bus

I released my newest pattern this week, May Lily, to Norden Crafts and Yarn Tree to be distributed!  I'm a little behind schedule on months because I had some other projects come about so I'm going to strive to get six months done this year and six next year.  I'm needing to design something for Halloween ~ my favorite holiday to design for!    

We visited a few antique shops last weekend and visited one of my favorites in Gardnerville, NV.  I found the bright pink tea towel on the left.  I decided to get my little collection out and photograph all of them. I really like the shadow work and using bits of fabric for applique.  I'd like to try that in some of my designs.  Such delicate work and the linen fabrics are so soft.       

While I was at my favorite antique shop I found this cross stitch pattern by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum's "Told- in-a-Garden" series.  It is the "Voice of the Shepherd".  It is so neat!  It is unopened and has a $4.99 price tag from a shop called "The Old Country Store" in Intercourse, PA.  It looks like an old printing of the pattern and has her lovely script handwriting on it.  I thought that was something that it would end up in an antique shop in Gardnerville, Nevada.  I had to have it.    

I like to go to our local farmer's market on Tuesday evenings to see what is new and sometimes have dinner.  What was new for me this time was a bus!  An artist from our local Sagebrush Sisters Art Coop bought a retired school bus and she's using it for a mobile craft shop to sell her things.  Creative! and neat too.  She calls it "Miss Dixie".   

I'm happy with my little garden this year.  My peppers are ripening (I can't remember what kind they are) and my tomatoes are pretty tasty too.  Hope your garden is growing well!  Have a great weekend.   

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