Frog Pincushion, Vintage Rick Rack and Seashell Embroidery

I visited a new-to-me antique shop last weekend and found this frog pincushion.  I loved him and brought him home.  He's just a little thing, but has big personality.  I love his expression.  I cleaned him up a little and put him on the top of my bookshelf for display.   

I also found some rick rack that is fairly thin and had the vintage labels still on the package.  I've been lucky to find some neat additions to my vintage sewing notions collection lately.  I love hunting for them too.   

I've started a new "By the Sea" embroidery set and this is the first project I finished.  I think I'll be doing the whole set in purples and greens with a bit of blue.  Ocean colors.  Soothing. 

I also found some little notecards and stickers by one of my favorite artists, Patience Brewster.  She has such a great imagination and does lovely watercolors. 

 The last thing I found was a handwoven towel.  I used to weave years ago and looking back I can't believe I did because it really is a lot of work.  I have a kitchen drawer full of handwoven towels that I made, exchanged with others and have found here and there.  They last forever because they are made well, with quality materials and are thick too. I like to buy them when I see them at antique stores because I know how much work went into making it.  Hope you're having a great summer!      

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