Touching the Autumn Sky Complete!

I am very excited that I finished my "Touching the Autumn Sky" Mirabilia cross stitch pattern over the weekend. Whew, took a long time. I can't even remember when I started it. I'm looking for just the right frame now. I have completed two of Mirabilia's patterns in my cross stitching career, the other one is "Under the Friendship Tree". I really like her patterns of children. I have started the letter "C" of her letters series, however I am using Weeks Dye Works flosses instead of Crescent Colors. Looking forward to see how that turns out.

Comments said…
I used to love those kits, but now i design my own i just haven't got time anymore, because I am always sewing! I have a big box full of kits which I bought before I set up. Love your sewing, I know how long they take! Suzie. x :)
Tammy said…
Oh, those are so beautiful--the colors and everything are just breathtaking!
They're so beautiful!! Well done there! True labours of love!!

Sharon xx
MTKate said…
I am desparately searching for the Buscilia pattern "Touching The Autumn Sky." I would love to buy a used pattern, maybe from Cathy would wrote that she had just finished in Sept. of 09. I have depleted all my sources for buying a new pattern. The pattern has a special meaning to me so as a last resort I am sending this message. Any help would be very much appreciated. Please, please, please. Thanks so much. Katie White at

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