Farmer's Market Fabric and Flower Girl Silhouette Embroidery

A fabric design I worked on this week to enter into the weekly contest on Spoonflower.  Farmer's Markets are a favorite of mine during the summer.  I find I just grow mostly flowers and shop the farmer's market since most of it is organic and it's just fun for me to go.  

I was honored to have my Bees and Leaves fabric featured in a sewing magazine from the UK called SEW and be included with their other fabric designers.

A really neat moodboard they created with lots of different botanical themed fabrics and really pretty shades of green.

My latest embroidery project is called "Flower Girl Silhouette" and I've been working on her bit by bit.  I've had some trouble with carpal tunnel in my wrists lately so it is slow going for me right now, but I'll get her done!   


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