Red Poppy Towel Embroidery and Alpaca Lace Scarf

I finished embroidering one of my towels last week and I loved it.  The toweling fabric is really nice to embroider on.  It is soft and has a great texture.  I have a collection of four border patterns that I will be doing.  I have a few fat quarter fabrics I am choosing from to use for a border hem.  I'm leaning toward the far left one with the dark red plaid design.  What do you think? 

I finished my alpaca lace scarf last week too.  It was a fun and fairly easy pattern to do,only a few mistakes here and there:)  I made it very long so I can wrap it around a couple times when I wear it.  It is so light and airy, a pleasure to have on.    

I bought a flower bowl around Easter time and it is blooming beautifully right now so I wanted to share that with you too.

I am joining my fellow designers and artists in educating people on copyright infringement so I wanted to post this bright colorful notice and ask a heartfelt please to all who buy our patterns to not share, copy or redistribute in any manner the patterns you buy as that is illegal.  We work hard to put our patterns together and make them available to stitchers and crafters and ask that our efforts be respected.  Please share the designer's name and/or website of where you got the patterns instead so we can make the online crafting community a healthy and fun environment.  Thank you so much!    


Jane Powell said…
Hi Cathie, I have been searching for a scarf pattern like this one to use my alpaca wool for. I can't see any instructions on the page though. Is there a download button or instructions that I might have missed? Thanks, Jane

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