Thursday, March 8, 2012

Green Tea Hand Embroidery Pattern and Small Pillows

Last Friday I finished a bunch of my smaller cross stitch designs into small pillows using wool felt fabric and added a little lace, rick rack or buttons.  This is the finished Wildflowers Sketch design and I liked the way it turned out.  These are nice to display and they don't take up much room.   

My newest hand embroidery design is inspired by a green tea illustration I did for greeting cards.  A little lavender bouquet and pale pink jasmine flowers accent the design. 

This is my collection of small pillows I made last Friday and I'm keeping them in this long basket together.  Four of them will be great to decorate for autumn.  This is a fun project to do if you have small pieces of fabric you want to use. 


Paulina said...

beutiful jobs i like cross stitch so much , put your link in my blog ,see me

Tatkis said...

Wonderful pillows! I've received some wool fabrics as a gift from my friend, great idea to use them for finishing!

And the green tea design is just beautiful!

Best wishes,

Raghu Pandey said...
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