Fabric Flowers and Blue Lilacs Cross Stitch

Our local art group got together yesterday and had a potluck and spent some time making fabric flowers.  We made pinwheels, I'd never made pinwheels before and I love it.  There were big stacks of fabric scraps, strips, buttons and such and everyone just did their own thing and came up with some really neat flowers.  All different and really unique.     

 Layered flowers and frilly toule accents and silky flowers and cotton canvas strap flower.

One of the artists likes to work with metal and makes some fabulous creations.  She took out an old metal coffee can top and cut it into the shape of a flower and added some beads with wire.  Loved it.  

Last weekend it was snowing so I spent Sunday sewing and photographing some designs .  I decided to finish my blue lilacs cross stitch into a runner.  I bought some really bright chartreuse green fat quarter fabrics off Etsy a couple months ago and they matched the colors in the cross stitch nicely.  The fabrics were much brighter than I thought they were going to be so at first I didn't know what I'd do with them, but they worked nicely with this design.   Have a great weekend! 
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