Lady Scarecrow, Zinnia and Calm

I think this little lady likes her job as a scarecrow in the pumpkin patch. She's got a nice dress on and a flowery hat. Colorful pumpkins surround her and she likes to watch the leaves twirl and flutter around her. She probably even smiles at the crows when the land.

My zinnias are really blooming now that the heat has calmed down about ten degrees. New blooms every day, big clusters of flowers in my planters on the front porch near our bistro table and chairs. That has been my favorite place to sit lately in the evenings.

I haven't read this book but was inspired to go see the movie yesterday; thought it was a great way to travel while sitting in a chair. I really liked the movie and learned a lot from it (especially that I'd love to visit Italy). I really learned that the struggles people face from time to time can be helped with calm instrospection and meditation; even in your own home in a special place, it just takes some inner work and time. I think one of my favorite parts was their special boxes they had (Liz and her friend) filled with special things related to a dream of theirs. I'd like to start doing that. Find a lovely box and fill it with happy things related to a dream. Do you do that or have something like that?

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