Sweet Peas and Robin visits

The rain and thunder inspired me to sew yesterday and put some colorful fabric around my latest projects. I've been using the shabby-chic technique lately in my runners where I use a scallop edge rotary cutter on the edges and then a decorative machine stitch around the edge to finish. Turns out nice, doesn't fray too much because of the scallops and is much easier than binding the edges.

I am excited about my bookmark project this year (that is to just have a whole pile by the end of the year) and see what I've come up with and which colors I've used. Will be interesting to see if I am all over the place with color or consistent, so far I've been consistent - purple.

The robins have been pecking in our yard and I enjoy watching them. There are two that like our neighborhood, they are good buddies I think. I admire their boldness, they don't scare easily.


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