Blossom House and Batik Tote

Sewing yesterday I decided to finish a few more projects. I already had the Moda charm squares around this little cross stitch called "Blossom Street" and I decided to put a back on it and make a small runner. I thought about making a wall quilt, but liked it this size. I thought it went with the small design better. I used chocolate brown flannel on the back and a decorative machine stitch using variegated rayon thread in golden colors. I used some fusible batting to give it some stability.

I am going to do three art/craft fairs this summer and have been thinking of things to make for it. Tote bags are a good idea, especially big ones that hold a lot of stuff. I really like the patchwork look so I went through my fabrics and found some batiks and put them together. I liked the soft greens and bit of purple. I think I have a green/purple theme going without even thinking about it. Maybe I will check into the meaning of color and see what this tells me...
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