Floral Splendor, Tea Cozy and Tulip Embroidery

I've not had much luck in growing larkspur flowers and I have tried to grow them from seed many seasons and no luck, maybe my cat has something to do with it. I love them though and they are great for dried flower bouquets, keep their color nicely. I decided to put them in a cross stitch design with some roses and chamomile flowers. Chamomile is one of the easiest things for me to grow and I hear they are like weeds in other areas, but I like them.

Playing with my fun and colorful patches again on tea cozies. I like the way they add little bits of color and pattern here and there.

Does anyone have any tulips up yet? I see lots of daffodils, but no tulips. Our leaf buds are getting very full. We should have lots of blossoms on our trees very soon. Have a fun weekend.


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