Valentine Scottie Dog and Christmas Snow

Thinking ahead a little bit to Valentine's Day I was wanting to do a new design for this holiday of love. A little black scottie dog inspired me surrounded with bright red roses and floating hearts. I had a great piece of the lightest pink floral fabric to stitch him on and am using Gentle Art Sampler flosses, which are some of my favorites. They done in are very soft shades and great color variations. He should be done soon, I really look forward to working on him everyday.

I've chosen Mirabilia's letter C fairy to stitch right now since I've finished my Autumn design of hers. Instead of Crescent Colors floss I used Weeks Dye Works floss and matched the colors fairly well. Lots of small 1/4 stitches in this pattern, which I'm not used to. I like simple whole cross stitches, so this is a challenge project for me and that is good.

We've had one of the heaviest snowstorms in our area for a very long time and we sure needed it! Since we are not used to this amount of snow and the roads were very bad the kids got two snowdays and were very excited about that. It has been very cold since and it is still around, hopefully it will stay until Christmas!

I had to share this picture of our cat, he is a sweet guy and he loves to hide under the tree. He bats the ornaments around a bit, but doesn't get too caught up in it thankfully....

I thought I might start another Mirabilia for my 2010 project and I can't decide which. I should be done with the letter fairly soon, it is not a huge project. Which do you think? I guess it depends on how ambitious I expect to be, the "Ashley's Roses" is very big....


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