Hometown Art Fair Weekend

Our artist's co-op had an Art Fair over the weekend and it was wonderful. It was held in the refurbished post office, which was the perfect place. The building has great charm, wood work features, and wonderful light. Several local talented artists participated and we had a great mix of art to display and offer for holiday shopping.

Wonderful upcycled art that was very creatively done and so popular. Aprons were a hit and added so much color to everything. The items were all arranged by color and there were so many lovely shades of each color it made the room really lively and welcoming.

Lots of paintings and photographs, many of our area from different perspectives. Unique pottery pieces and colorful scarves.

Ornaments made of gourds, stained glass and upcycled glass pieces, charms and lots more decorated fun and cleverly made Christmas trees.

This was one of the best and most unique shows I've participated in and so enjoyed. What a great time.

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