Little Embroidery, September Birth Month Flower and Pansies

Inspired by spring colors and small embroidery designs with beautiful silk flosses.  These work up in no time and could be finished a number of ways.  Would even make a cute little table top quilted square with alternating fabrics that aren't embroidered.  

Materials for a new cross stitch design, the next in my birth month series.  I'm on September :)  

I bought some pansies a week or so ago and they are really looking nice so I wanted to paint them.  I had a pile of lovely hand dyed silk ribbons near by so I added them to the photo and thought they would compliment it nicely. 

I found this tea towel on Etsy to add to my collection.  It has a very fine, maybe organza, fabric used for the inlay and an oriental design embroidered on it.  It's so unique and beautiful.  Happy to have it in my collection.   


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