A Christmas Apron

Inspired to take a break and sew yesterday so I looked through my collection of quilting and sewing magazines for an inspiring pattern.  I found an apron pattern in the "Simple Quilts" issue. 

I bought some pretty Christmas fabrics with a robin egg blue theme a few months ago and have been saving most of it for a special project.  I didn't know what it would be, but knew it would come to me...  

I had enough to make the "for the cook" apron and cut out all the pieces. 

I like projects like this because I always learn something new.  This pattern has a gathered top around the neckline and four pleats at the waist, both were new to me.  As I was evaluating my project, I noticed my straps didn't match up with the waist, but I think I know what I did.  I've done it before with quilting projects.  I don't pay close enough attention to my seam width so on some I sew a 1/4" seam and on others 3/8" and so on, and that's the effect I get :) 

I finished up putting the neck ties on and the ruffle along the bottom.  Even though the straps don't match up I love it and will probably wear it long past Christmas.  I think I will make another one for spring and see if I can get those straps to match with the center waist.  It's a fun pattern and I recommend it!  Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!     


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