Vintage Needlebook, Embroidery Patterns and Seed Packets

We took a trip to Grass Valley, CA and Nevada City, CA to see what was new.  They have a few antique shops to browse. My favorite type of antique shop is the kind that has many dealers and lots of variety.  It's fun to browse around to see what you can find.  One booth had a box with some vintage buttons and a nice selection of needle books.  Some that were given away from grocery stores and insurance companies.  I found one from Farmer's Insurance and I almost got it, but liked this one better.  I liked the illustration on the front and it is nice and clean.     

All the needles inside were complete too.  Nice, shiny and bright tin foil keeping the needles straight and in line.  Fun!  

Along side the box of buttons and needle books was a selection of hand embroidery patterns so I thought I should have a couple of those too.  I love how the styles have changed with the advertising and designs. 

I found a big box of empty seed packets that someone carefully saved so I chose some of my favorite flowers.  A seed company from Sacramento.   

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