Redwork Flower Bloom Cross Stitch Pillow

I finished my redwork cross stitch pattern. I really like working with all one color. I can get into the "zen" of stitching and completely relax and stitch. Really enjoyable. This little pattern has mostly cross stitches so it is easy to do that. And if I want to stitch it again in another color I can (this is the second time I've stitched this pattern :). I think I will design a different one though rather than doing it a third time...

I bought my fabrics to finish this pattern a while ago. I really liked the snowflake fabric with turquoise dots. It added just the right element of contrast from being too red. I have quite a collection of pillows now. I've started making them with the envelope backs so they are easy to remove and I can store them when the seasons change. Pretty soon I will be getting all of my Christmas decor out. Love to do that.


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