Quilt Cards, Frame Purse and Butterflies

I've been painting different cards relating to the crafts I like to do and this one reminds me of an embroidered quilt or even a table runner with embroidered sections. Think I may have to make something like this for my house...

This was my first attempt at a frame purse and I was nervous to make it because I really wanted it to turn out. It was really fun to make after relaxed a little and I want to make more now. I ordered some larger frames to make a wider purse and I have a selection of fabrics I'm wanting to use and eventually want to use some of my Spoonflower fabrics.

This is my latest cross stitch adventure and I wanted to do some butterflies in bright colors. I'm using Gentle Art sampler flosses and some hand dyed fabric from Weeks Dye Works, I believe it is gold. I love their new hand dyed fabrics.


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