Thursday, June 16, 2011

French Kitty, Butterflies and Pink Sampler Notecard

I finished my French Kitty embroidery pattern and it was fun to do. I'm thinking of designing some fabric on Spoonflower to finish it into a runner. I am wanting some red fabrics and then accents with medium blues. I used Gentle Art flosses and they have great subtle color changes in their hand dyed flosses.

My butterflies cross stitch is coming along. I have been focusing more on my hand embroidery lately, but I stitch on this now and then. I like how the colors are working together. These colors are way out of my comfort zone (I like pink) so it is a little scary at first when I'm not sure if I like it or not but I don't want to quit because I've already invested time, then I decide I like it.

This is a Thinking of You card I designed a while ago and made the design into fabric too which turned out great. I really liked it (not just because it is pink:) but because I was able to get the rows to match up nicely on a repeat.

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