Apple Blossoms, Priscilla Gown and Holly Linen Towel

Since there is snow on the ground now and it will be near zero this week I found myself thinking of spring and decided to paint some apple blossoms and a clear robin's egg blue sky. It was fun for a bit as I imagined myself among the sweet fragrance in the warm weather; but I'm not ready for it yet. I am looking forward to the holidays and maybe some snow shoeing...

This is my priscilla gown embroidery pattern. Lots of French knots - or you could use beads - and red roses. All stitched in hand dyed silk. I love silk floss.
I bought some crisp white linen towels off ebay a few months ago to embroider. This was a fun project so I decided to hunt down some other towels to try and hand embroider. I found some on Etsy the other day and ordered two different kinds. They are from eco-friendly sellers so they are made of all natural fibers (very important :) and I am really looking forward to getting them. I'll show you soon.

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